We offer rural learning opportunities and experiences for people of all ages and abilities

Situated in the village of Suckley on the Herefordshire and Worcestershire borders, arguably one of the most picturesque parts of the country, we aim to promote the physical and mental well being of our students by providing an opportunity to be creative and caring whilst exploring ideas through the therapeutic qualities of a rural working environment.

Acton Mill Care Farm Ltd. is a social enterprise company limited by guarantee and is pleased to be associated with Care Farms West Midlands, which is supported by Advantage West Midlands and Rural Regeneration Zone

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What we offer

Experience of farming: Interaction with large and small animals
Students will be able to get up close and personal, learning how to care for their everyday needs such as feeding, cleaning and exercising..

Horticulture: Gardening
Students will learn how to sow and plant fruit, vegetables and flowers, nurturing them while they grow.

Fishing: Students can fish in our fishing pond

Forestry: Fencing
Students will be involved in fencing tasks, coppicing and woodland conservation

we have a community based link with Holloways Café situated in our village whereby all produce grown goes for Holloways to use in their café facility

Arts & Crafts: designing and making of a range of different topics
Students can have some time in the day room making all kinds of things including painting by numbers, making Christmas decorations and all other types of crafts

Students can get involved with cooking the fresh produce that we grow here at the farm, as well as baking


Acton Mill Care Farm offers everyone the opportunity to come for a taster day to see if we are what you are looking for.